Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trick or Treat...

Here's another Halloween goodie with Pumpkin Marci. I cut and colored four of her for specific cards, so depending on what I come up with, you may see her four times in a row here! Fonts are Maggie/Shadow and Eliza.


  1. Great shape card! Very nice job! Mimi

  2. Thanks so much! I found a random stack of shaped holiday cards in my envelopes box-no idea where or when they came from! It was fun to find a use for it, though!

  3. Nikki - how did I miss this card? Oh my goodness - you are totally rockin' the Pumpkin LaLaLand stamp - such an adorable coloring job! Thanks for playing along - I am actually updating the blog today with a new monthly challenge, and posting winners from the last challenge. Thanks for your patience!!! ---Stampy Land Susan